CMG Supports Dallas Bridge Bash

The Chalak Mitra Group of Companies was pleased to be a part of the Dallas Bridge Bash, an annual event held by the Dallas Association of Young Lawyers’ Leadership Class to raise funds for Communities in Schools, an organization that supports the youth of the Dallas / Fort Worth area. By offering our support to this event, we hope to make our city and surrounding areas a better place for everyone who lives here.

What is the Dallas Bridge Bash?

The Dallas Bridge Bash, which was held this year on April 16, is an annual event that supports local and national charitable organizations, in particular those that offer help for Dallas children. The event is held on the Continental Avenue Pedestrian Bridge and includes an evening of fun and games for the entire community. The Dallas Bridge Bash features entertainers, food, games and fun in a family-friendly atmosphere so that children and parents can enjoy the evening. All proceeds from the event benefit Communities in Schools. To date, more than $75,000 has been raised through this year’s Dallas Bridge Bash.

What is Communities in Schools?

Communities in Schools (CIS) is an organization that offers help for schools in the Dallas region. By bridging the gap between the needs of the educational system and the funds available, CIS is able to make a difference for Dallas area children, youth and families.

Founded in the 1970’s, this national non-profit group has a single mission: helping kids stay in school by coordinating resources and support networks that target at-risk youth. Communities in Schools of the Dallas Region, also known as CISDR, targets at-risk students in the Dallas and Fort Worth area, serving 12 school districts and 77 schools.

One of the most successful CISDR programs is known as “Ketchup Saturday.” This program involves Saturday morning educational programs that help students “catch up” on their reading and writing skills through one-on-one tutoring and support as well as special learning initiatives. By helping students to read on grade level and engaging parents and families, CISDR has made a tremendous impact on Dallas youth.

To date, 96% of students involved in CISDR programs have remained in school; 89% have shown improvement in attendance, academics and behavior; and 91% of eligible students graduated in 2015.

CMG and DAYL Come Together to Support CIS

The Chalak Mitra Group of Companies (CMG) is proud to support Communities in Schools through the efforts of the Dallas Association of Young Lawyers (DAYL). This spring, DAYL has raised money through its various fundraisers that benefit children and continues to hold events that will ultimately result in better outcomes for students.

Fundraising Continues for CIS

Not only has CMG supported CIS through the Dallas Bridge Bash, but also through a number of other fundraisers. For example, Panera Bread at 7839 Park Lane was the host for a dine-in opportunity for guests to automatically donate to CIS. The May 4th fundraiser resulted in money being funneled directly to the CIS cause. Additionally, as part of the Dallas Bridge Bash, one lucky winner was awarded a year of free Chick-fil-A food during a community raffle. Customers could purchase a ticket for a chance to win, with proceeds going directly to CIS efforts.

While CMG works hard to increase our investors’ profits, we never forget what we owe to our community. We always want to give back. Our work with the Dallas Bridge Bash, Dallas Association of Young Lawyers, and Communities in Schools underlines our strong commitment to making Dallas / Forth Worth a better place to live and work.

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