Chalak Mitra Group of Companies Supports PovSolve in Giving

At the age of eight, PovSolve Founder Saajan Bhakta had an experience that would not only change his life, but also the lives of countless others. At an airport in India, Bhakta was seated comfortably in the back seat of his parents’ car when he heard a knock at the window. He looked out to see a woman in dire need of food, holding her small child tightly. This vision stayed with Bhakta for years, and today, he still looks back on this experience as the moment the idea for PovSolve began developing. What is PovSolve? PovSolve, a portmanteau of poverty and solve, is a registered 503c non-profit organization that is dedicated to wiping out poverty and assisting those in need. The organization works globally to meet basic needs, including food, water, shelter, and clothing in impoverished areas. To date, PovSolve has raised over $90,000 and has been able to assist over 39,000 people. In addition, PovSolve has also been able to help thousands of people in India gain access to life-saving surgical procedures at no charge. Members of Chalak Mitra Group of Companies Contribute to PovSolve At Chalak Mitra Group of Companies, we care deeply about giving back. One of our core tenets is that we never take for granted the success that we’ve found in life, both individually and as a company. As a result, our team is always looking for ways to get involved and help out those in need. Members of Chalak Mitra Group of Companies contribute to PovSolve to help carry out this mission. PovSolve, Project L.O.V.E. and Chalak Mitra Group of Companies In addition to charitable giving, we have also worked with PovSolve on Project L.O.V.E.’s school-building efforts in Zambia. Project L.O.V.E. is an organization that focuses on providing opportunities for equal education in rural and impoverished areas. Even in 2016, there are still communities in which young girls are not provided with access to classroom learning, so Project L.O.V.E. delivers outreach, advocacy and material support to address this problem. Most recently, team members from Chalak Mitra Group of Companies, along with PovSolve representatives, traveled to Zambia to join up with Project L.O.V.E. in a school-building project. The two-classroom, two-office school provides education to hundreds of students, and the goal is to make the school and the community sustainable by also purchasing land on which crops can be planted and harvested. These crops can then go on to be consumed, but they can also be sold to generate financial support for the school and the community. At the Heart of It All Poverty is something that we should all be concerned with. Unfortunately, it can be easy to turn a blind eye to those in need. Everyone is so busy these days, leaving many people to become so absorbed in their own daily lives that they forget about the poor in their own communities, let alone around the world. We feel that it’s incredibly important to take a moment each day to reflect on all that you have. When you really stop and take stock in the comforts that you enjoy each day, you’re likely to find yourself realizing how much you really have versus what you really need. This moment of pause can go a long way in encouraging you to give to those in need. We all share the same human condition, and we all have the same needs. More than that, however, is the fact that we all deserve dignity. You have the power to affect real change in your community and across the world. Will you make today the day you start using that power to help others? To learn more about PovSolve and to get involved, please visit Sincerely, Chalak Mitra Group of Companies