Chalak Mitra Group of Companies Purchases the Jamaica Tallawahs

At the Chalak Mitra Group of Companies, we love to work hard, but we also like to play hard. Although the game of cricket isn’t among the most popular in the United States, it’s one of our favorites and is played by over 120 million people worldwide. In fact, we’re so into cricket that we recently purchased the Jamaica Tallawahs, the representative team for Jamaica in the Caribbean Premier League. What is Cricket? Since cricket isn’t a common sport in the United States, we thought we’d take a moment to explain the game for the uninitiated. Cricket shares many similarities with baseball in that the game is played with a bat and a ball on a field. Instead of pitching the ball to the batter, however, the ball thrown and bounced along the ground across a strip of dirt, referred to as a pitch. The bowler, or equivalent of a pitcher, bounces the ball to the batter, who attempts to hit it away from the fielders stationed across an oval-shaped field. Each team is comprised of 11 players and there are two umpires involved in each game with their decisions being final. While baseball is comprised of nine innings, a cricket match only has two innings with each team having a chance up to bat. During play, there are two batsmen on the field; one will actually be hitting while the other stands at the end of the pitch. “Runs” are scored when a hit takes place and both batsmen run to the opposite side of the pitch. The first inning ends when 10 out of the 11 batsmen are out, which can happen in a variety of ways. Why the Jamaica Tallawahs? We chose to purchase the Jamaica Tallawahs because the team’s motto is “Always Play to Win.” That attitude translates into so much when it comes to our own approach to work and life. We play to win in our business dealings by providing equitable terms to our investors, a can-do approach to creating new opportunities and a welcoming and understanding stance for our employees and their families. This three-pronged mission allows the Chalak Mitra Group of Companies to win in the best ways possible. When it comes to the Jamaica Tallawahs, each member of the team is dedicated to supporting one another. We value close connections with our employees and investors, so this line of thinking made purchasing the team a no-brainer. The Jamaica Tallawahs are also committed to playing by the rules and respecting their opponents. While we don’t have opponents at the Chalak Mitra Group of Companies, we do have friendly market competition, but we believe that playing by the rules and respecting our competition is not only the right thing to do, but it is also essential for businesses and industries to grow and thrive. Passion is the Key Finally, we’d like to note that the Jamaica Tallawahs show a real passion for their game. This is important in any aspect of life, especially when trying to accomplish something as a team. At the Chalak Mitra Group of Companies, each one of our partners demonstrates a love for teamwork and a passion to see our business ventures succeed over personal success. What we found in the Jamaica Tallawahs was a real drive to work together to push each member to do better while supporting the overall effort. This kind of thinking and action is what the Chalak Mitra Group of Companies is all about, and we look forward to many exciting developments to come. To learn more about the Jamaica Tallawahs, please visit Chalak Mitra Group of Companies