Chalak Mitra Group of Companies Gives Back with Project L.O.V.E and Povsolve

At Chalak Mitra Group of Companies (CMG), we’re committed to more than just supporting some of the best brands on the planet; we’re committed to giving back. Our partners’ passion for helping those in need has recently been personified once again through Project L.O.V.E. (Letting Our Voices Empower). Through Povsolve, a charitable organization that CMG has supported over the years, and its affiliation with Project L.O.V.E., CMG is making a difference in the lives of hundreds of children who will go on to use their experiences with the Project to grow communities and empower others. What is Project L.O.V.E.? Project L.O.V.E. is an organization focused on providing educational opportunities for children in rural areas. Specifically, it seeks to ensure gender equality for students in areas where young girls are often denied the ability to receive a quality education. The Project was created by Anoop Virk at the age of eighteen when she was living in Sub-Saharan Africa. Virk saw a great need for education reform and human rights preservation in her community, and as a result, she began traveling to different schools to teach and serve as an example to young girls. Chalak Mitra Group of Companies Assists in School Building In conjunction with Project L.O.V.E., the Chalak Mitra Group of Companies was able to assist in building a school in Zambia in addition to a water well that now supplies clean drinking water to the community. Members of the Chalak Mitra Group of Companies team traveled to Zambia to personally assist in the effort of getting the school setup and we’re just getting started. We strongly believe that a quality education is a fundamental part of creating not just strong people, but also strong communities. Too often, access to education is denied to children living in rural and impoverished areas, and this only continues a vicious cycle. We hope to continue support more organizations like Povsolve and Project L.O.V.E. A Sustainable Solution In addition to building the school in Zambia, Chalak Mitra Group of Companies and Project L.O.V.E. continued their efforts by helping the school in creating a sustainable solution by building a garden for the school’s use and the community’s use. These crops can not only be used for food in the community, but they can also be sold for revenue. This idea is one that has worked in other environments, and we’re excited to see it in action in Zambia. We believe that there are always solutions to challenges, regardless of how insurmountable the challenges may seem. In fact, often times, the most powerful solution is the one that has the fewest moving parts. Think Globally, Act Locally Chalak Mitra Group of Companies believes in Project L.O.V.E.’s motto of “think globally, act locally”. You can’t affect real change without both of these components in place. When thinking globally, we don’t limit ourselves to just a few people in need. The truth is that there are people in need across the planet, and as we’re all connected through the fabric of the human experience, it’s important for us to not ignore opportunities to assist others wherever they may be. In acting locally, we assist those in need on a personal level. Anyone can write a check or drop a couple dollars into a donation jar, but it’s a completely different experience to actually get your hands dirty. The personal and spiritual satisfaction that comes from seeing the fruits of your labor is something to which nothing can be compared. To learn more about Project L.O.V.E. and to get involved, please visit You can also check out a video below featuring Chalak Mitra Group of Companies team members in action. Embed: Sincerely, Chalak Mitra Group of Companies