Chalak Mitra Group of Companies Gives Back

At the Chalak Mitra Group of Companies, we’re collectively dedicated to improving the quality of life for all in the communities we serve as well as those in need around the world. Recently, we took it upon ourselves to assist the North Texas Food Bank in providing over 3,600 pounds of food for individuals and families who are struggling. Over 40 of our very own team members stepped up to the challenge of feeding those in need, and we want to recognize them for their ongoing efforts to strengthen the communities of Dallas and North Texas as a whole, where the Chalak Mitra Group of Companies is headquartered. Need in America Some may look at the United States of America, and Dallas in particular, and ask themselves just how much need exists to feed the needy; after all, even the poorest in this great country are considered to live better than those in impoverished countries, right? Well, if you go purely by statistics, you might be correct. The truth is, however, that there are people in your community right now who need help. In fact, your neighbor, the one who seems to have it all together; he or she might need help. The truth is that it’s often difficult to ask for help, and many people put a lot of effort into keeping up appearances. Right now, there are so many people in America, let alone across the world, who are barely holding on, and the team at the Chalak Mitra Group of Companies wants to change that through charitable giving, personal involvement and encouragement. About the North Texas Food Bank The North Texas Food Bank was founded in 1982 and is a partner with Feeding America. The organization also works with 250 agency partners across 13 counties in the Dallas region to provide prepared and donated food items to individuals and families in need. Currently, the North Texas Food Bank is able to provide access to over 170,000 meals each and every day. In September of 2015, the North Texas Food Bank launched an initiative to provide 92 million meals in the next 10 years, and the organization also actively assists in disaster relief efforts in and around the Dallas region. The reach and scope of the North Texas Food Bank is considered to be among the largest in Texas, and we are proud to be a part of this effort to wipe out hunger. How You Can Help If you’re interested in helping others to move forward, get involved with the North Texas Food Bank online by visiting There, you can provide assistance to individuals, families, and entire communities through charitable giving benefiting the hungry across North Texas. Even if you can only provide a small amount of assistance, keep in mind something is better than nothing. Our corporate team feels close to this charity since a large majority of the Chalak Mitra Group of Companies’ investments are within the food & beverage industry. We provide quality food and service to our customers who come to eat at our restaurant; and giving to North Texas Food Bank is a way we can provide food to those who need it most. To learn more about how the Chalak Mitra Group of Companies gives back to the community, please message our team via the Contact page. Chalak Mitra Group of Companies